How to Keep Ice From Melting

How to Keep Ice From Melting

20.05.2019 0 By Michelle Moore

Imagine a wonderful walk somewhere in the woods. Everything is so beautiful and nice… until your lunch backpack cooler gets too warm and all food for picnic is destroyed. Not so nice anymore, huh? Even the best cooler ever invented won’t be the best if put in the wrong conditions. So how can we prevent the ice inside from melting? Let’s see.

Chill and Prechill

First things first: we need to chill your cooler a bit in the very beginning. Put some cold water or some extra packs of ice in it before putting food or drinks in and the cooling performance will be much better.

This also applies to the items you put in the cooler, by the way. Prechill your drinks or food, because even if they are at room temperature they are still warmer than cooler, which means the ice will melt faster. It doesn’t need any special actions, just put the items in your refrigerator for a couple of hours.

You Really Need Ice!

This may sound obvious, I know. However, you do need as much ice as you can put inside. By doing this, you achieve following points: first, the more ice you have, the less warm air is inside. And you don’t want warm air cause it melts the ice. Second, the mass of the ice simply helps to keep the cooler and the items colder for longer.

Ice/Product Ratio

Putting so much food or drinks in the cooler so there’s no space for ice is not a very wise idea. Of course we all want to take as many items with us as possible, but try to at least have 2 to 1 ratio of ice to product. And don’t forget to put ice between everything!

Sun is Your Enemy

Direct sunlight can cause more damage to the ice, than poor packing. Place your cooler somewhere under a table or a bench. If you are using a car, don’t put cooler in the hot trunk. And using wet towels is just as good as anything else. Cover the cooler with it and this will help stay chilled.

No Draining!

Despite many saying that draining a cooler is a must-do, you better keep the water inside for a longer cooling performance, because even though the water is melted, it’s still chill. And that helps remaining ice a lot! Moreover, melted water doesn’t let warm air between the ice or food or drinks. And you remember that the warm air isn’t our ally, do you?

No Open Cooler!

Try opening your cooler only when you really need this. Every time you lift the lid the cold air escapes replaced by the warm air. A lot of warm air means faster melting.

Ever Buried a Cooler?

Though the top of the ground may got hot in the sun, the deeper you dig, the colder it gets. So it actually may be a solution to keep your cooler chilled for longer.